Vicky Davidson

Executive Director, Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council

Vicky Davidson has over thirty-five years of experience working toward statewide systems change and policy development that impacts individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, and advocating for people with disabilities.  More importantly, she is a mother and family member to individuals with disabilities.

Vicky served as a training resource for the Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council (MODDC) and other partners in the disability field regarding statewide and national trends related to family support, legislative advocacy, education of students with disabilities and emergency preparedness issues. She implemented Partners in Policymaking, a nationally recognized leadership training program for self-advocates and parents of children with disabilities.  She coordinated statewide biennial Parent-to-Parent, Inclusive Education and Community Living (Deinstitutionalization) conferences.  In addition, she served as a trainer for legislative advocacy, family support, community organizing and transportation workshops.

Following the aftermath of Katrina and while working for the MODDC, Vicky became active in the emergency management arena with a focus of working with individuals with disabilities, their families and providers of services in which she provided training on the topics of mitigation, preparedness and community involvement of people with disabilities. She worked with the statewide People First Advocacy Organization to ensure that personal preparedness training met the needs of individuals with disabilities and as a result, has presented that training to more than 2000 people. Her passion is ensuring that those who experience access and functional needs have the knowledge and tools they need for all phases of emergency management, including full participation in functional exercises.

Vicky left the Council and served as a Manager of the Emergency Operations Coordination Unit with the Department of Health and Senior Services/ Center for Emergency Response and Terrorism for several years.  She has worked with the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) as a trainer and course manager for the G-197 Emergency Planning for Special Needs Populations, Functional Needs Support Services for General Population Shelters (FNSS), Functional Assessment Support Team (FAST) and other human services courses.

Vicky was asked to return to the MODDC as the Executive Director where she continues to be a leader in emergency management for people with disabilities.  Vicky currently serves as the Chair of the Functional and Access Needs Committee. Through the work of the Council’s Victimization Task Force, she has also worked with Niagara University, where she has completed a Master Training for Emergency Management Disability Awareness Training. She also works with Niagara University to implement First Responder Disability Awareness Training in MO. In addition to this training, Vicky has also conducted presentations for Crisis Intervention Teams on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.