Mae Kennedy

CEO, MoulageByMae

Moulage Workshop. A hands on Class.

Mae comes from 20 years’ experience in emergency response, disaster exercise design and injury simulation. When it comes to disasters, there is not much that she hasn’t seen and experienced with natural or man-made disasters like hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, bombings, and shootings.  She has worked confined spaces and handled confined space rescues. Worked with public and private agencies.  Including, but not limited to, working in school settings from early childhood to post-doctoral schools, CERT, MO DMAT, SEMA and FEMA, as well as National Guard, National Registry, National Disaster Life Support, hospitals and airports.

Her work has been published in Stanford’s Who’s Who Black Book (2011) and Connections magazine.  Given her experience in Emergency Services and Disaster Response for many years, She has seen firsthand the toll an emergency or disaster response can take on a responder. Critical thinking, and muscle memory are a vital part of every single response. She believe that in-depth, recurring training makes a significant difference in how our responders perform in the moment of truth, and how the incident is personally dealt with after the fact. “When every second counts!” is something anyone that she has worked alongside will hear and many will see and hopefully take to heart.  When a life depends on it, seconds do count! She lives in small-town Missouri in a town called Purdy. She has 2 sons.  One of my boys is married.  Has a beautiful dog, Sascha. She thoroughly enjoys spending time with family and friends when she is not working.  Her greatest passion in life is helping others.  When she needs a break, she listen to country music and occasionally do some two-step dancing! “I’m not that good, but it is a great way to blow off steam and let your hair down. After all, if you are like me, a dance floor can be anywhere you need it to be!”