John Stone

CERT Instructor/Chaplain, Miramar CERT/Assistant Chaplain SW Ranches Fire Dept.

Course: Peer Support Awareness for CERT Teams

John is a member of the Miramar CERT Team is a CERT Instructor.  He has worked as a Firefighter/EMT; is an Army Veteran and has a proven track record of leadership and providing aid to individuals of disasters. After surviving and responding to two terrorist attacks John understands the traumatic effects being a first respond can have on an individual first hand.  He is currently certified in Individual & Group CISM and is a member of his county’s CISM Team.  John serves as an Asst. Chaplain with Southwest Ranches Fire Department. Additionally, he hosts the podcast Yucked Up which is dedicated to helping First Responders who aren’t reaching out for help. He is skilled at quickly assessing situations and responding with effective solutions.