Duncan Shaw

Professor of Operational Research and Critical Systems, University of Manchester, UK

Duncan is Professor in Operational Research and Critical Systems (Alliance Manchester Business School) at the University of Manchester. He works in the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute focusing on social and decision making aspects of disaster planning and response including local/community resilience.

Duncan sits on numerous research, policy, planning and evaluation committees for the European Union, United Nations, international NGOs, UK government. He chairs a committee on Community Resilience for the International Standards Organization and wrote the international standards on spontaneous volunteers (ISO22319), conducting peer reviews (ISO22392), mass evacuation (ISO22315), and vulnerable people (ISO22395).

In COVID-19, he contributes to several local and national government committees on response and recovery, and leads The Manchester Briefing which provides international lessons on recovery (www.ambs.ac.uk/covidrecovery). We is currently writing the international standard on recovery and renewal from pandemics (ISO22393).