Dr. Robert Koester

Author/Presenter: Lost Person Behavior

Course: Lost Person Behavior

Robert J. Koester first joined the Appalachian Search & Rescue Conference in 1981 and since then has participated in hundreds of searches, including over a hundred as Incident Commander. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Ports-mouth in search theory and a MS from the University of Virginia in biology (neurobiology).
His contributions to search and rescue include seminal research on search theory and lost person behavior along with creating the International Search and Rescue Incident Database (ISRID).
He is an instructor for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management since 1988 and past-president (15 years) of the Virginia Search and Rescue Council, Rob-ert has also worked for the USCG (conducting visual sweep width experiments), NASA (conducting missing aircraft radar research), NPS (responding to major searches and writing the draft NPS SAR Field Manual), FEMA (as an instructor and disaster reservist), and SAR Institute of New Zealand (conducting sound and light sweep width experiments).
He is currently developing SAR software for the US DHS S&T directorate. He also developed courses for DCJS and was a Cardiac Technician for twelve years with CARS. He is the CEO of dbS Productions which provides research, software & pub-lications, and training services. Robert has authored dozens of books and research articles on search and rescue, including Lost Person Behavior, and is widely cited.
He has presented in Aruba, Australia, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, and Poland, and widely throughout Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States.