Dave Nichols

Mr. Nichols is an MSU Extension Program Assistant and serves as the State Program Manager for Mississippi Citizen Corps of the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security, which oversees the CERT program, Fire Corps, Volunteers in Police Services, and America on Watch. Dave was elected mayor of Monticello, MS in 1997, be-coming the youngest mayor ever elected there. He is a CERT Trainer and was one of the first Teen CERT trainers in the nation. Dave was also one of 12 people from around the country chosen to update the CERT curriculum in 2007.

Mr. Nichols is directly responsible for overseeing a highly reputable Citizen Corps program along with associated programs like the annual CERT conference and CERT Olympics. Dave has also helped to have the Teen CERT curriculum become part of a High School course entitled an introduction to Public Safety and helped create the Mississippi Youth Preparedness Initiative and Ready in the Middle, along with Dr. Ryan Akers.

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