Dante Gliniecki

Manager Emergency Preparedness DivisionDirector

Course: E0489, Management of Spontaneous Volunteers in Disasters

This course introduces the skills and planning considerations required to manage large numbers of people who are not affiliated with an experienced relief organization, but who want to help in disasters. These helpers or “spontaneous volunteers” are generally well motivated and sincerely want to help, but if their efforts and resources are not coordinated effectively, they could be counterproductive, wasteful, and often place a strain on the disaster area.
Selection Criteria: Emergency managers and voluntary organizations responsible for the management of spontaneous volunteers

Recommended: All course participants should be familiar with their own state and local government Emergency Operations Plan Annex, if one exists, on the use of spontaneous volunteers and volunteers affiliated with relief organizations. In addition, the individuals should have a working knowledge of the Incident Command and National Incident Management Systems (IS 0100.b, Introduction to the Incident Command System; IS 0200.b, Incident Command System for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents; IS 0700.a, National Incident Management System, An Introduction; and IS 0800.b, National Response Framework, An Introduction).

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